NFL Top 100 list

What did you think of the NFL Top 100 list that recently came out and has everyone in such an uproar?  Well, depending on your point of view, the list may be right on or right off!  This list features not only rankings but a chance for viewers to vote for “underrated” or “overrated” players to show their support or their opposition.

Here are a few “surprises” from the NFL’s list and a few observations as to how the list affects the KC Chiefs players we all love!

  • Derrick Johnson.  He may have slowed down a bit in the last year, to be honest, but still a great all-around player and a nice guy to boot.  I do think he has the potential to do more in the upcoming season.  DJ took the 64th spot on the list, which is probably about right given his rather lackadaisical performance last season.
  • Tamba Hali.  At number 43, linebacker Hali took the highest position among the Chief’s contributions to the Top 100 list.  This is probably because of his predictable but solid record doing what he does best:  being a linebacker that stands up to the opposition. Many fans feel he has been underrated and ignored in favor of “flashier” players, and that may well be the truth.
  • Eric Berry.  Safety Eric Berry hit the central spot at number 50.  There is nothing wrong with being in the middle!  Berry is often underrated for his contributions to the team, in my humble opinion, and I’m glad to see him included on this list.
  • Justin Houston.  Linebacker Justin Houston received the distinction of having the most “underrated” votes at 939 of any player in the lineup, meaning a lot of people think he has great potential. I tend to agree, and the fact that Houston landed at number 57 on this year’s list shows that people are taking notice of his contributions, even if he has been quiet in the past.

While the Top 100 List is open to debate, it generally distills the latest thought on NFL players.  After all, there are so many of them, it would be hard to create a list of great players any shorter than 100.

 One final note.  Any “Top 100″ list is actually meant to be more about fun that fact.  It is based on opinion so it is open to interpretation.  You have had mine; what is yours?

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Dorsey Plans to Draft Best Player Available

Upon taking his new job, John Dorsey was given the gift of the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 draft without having to endure the 2-14 season.

The Chiefs biggest need is in the quarterback position but Dorsey says he doesn’t plan on being pigeonholed into selecting a QB with his first pick. Dorsey stated, “We all know there is some pressure involved in selecting No. 1. You make the right pick by choosing the best player available. I know of no other philosophy.”

Many experts have talked about the Chiefs selecting West Virgina’s Geno Smith, the highest rated QB this year. Some also believe that they’ll bypass the QB position and find value in the later rounds.

Choosing the best player available regardless of position has worked out for winning teams in the past. However, the Chiefs are not devoid of talent on both sides of the ball. Blair Stover believes that they could contend with play-off teams next year if they can just find an answer to their quarterback problem.

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Chief’s Offense to be Called by Reid

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid announced that he will make the calls on the offensive side of the ball this season.

Reid says that their new offensive coordinator Doug Pederson is a sharp kid but the play calling will be the responsibility of the head coach. Reid stated, “Doug is a good student. I’ve watched his leadership on the field. I’ve watched his ability to teach. I’ve watch the respect the players have for him. All of those things checked out. He’s a creative guy. He knows this offense like the back of his hand. He knows protections, he knows situational calls.”

Andy Reid also announced that Chiefs defense will stick with the 3-4 defensive front. Reid had always used a 4-3 defense with his time in Philadelphia but the new defensive coordinator, Bob Sutton, has experience with the 3-4. Reid stated, “There’s been time invested in the 3-4 here. The 3-4 gives you some flexibility. I’ve run both (defensive systems). I’ve been involved in both so I understand how they were. The 4-3 is good if you have the right coaches in place and the team is invested in it. But this team here is invested in the 3-4, so let’s continue to build it and get better at it.”

Blair Stover also reports that Jets offensive coordinator Tony Soprano has interviewed to become Chief’s offensive line coach.

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Chiefs Hire John Dorsey as GM

The Chiefs announced that they hired Green Bay’s John Dorsey to replace Scott Pioli as Kansas City’s GM. Blair Stover reports that the announcement was made over Twitter.

Earlier in the week Hunt described his ideal GM, “First of all, someone who’s a sharp talent evaluator. I’d like someone who’s been part of a successful program from a talent standpoint Someone who’s a good communicator, a good manager, and last but really now least, someone who will work well with Andy.”

Dorsey had been with Green Bay for quite some time. He was first a college scout from 1991-97 and then director of college scouting from 1997-98 and again from 2000-12.

Dorsey helped select many solid draft choices during his time with the Packers. His experience should come in handy since the Chiefs had the league’s worst record and acquired the No. 1 pick in the 2013 draft.

“The general manager has say over personnel. The coach has say over coaching the football team. And I want them to be able to work together,” Hunt stated. “That’s the most important thing.” Both Hunt and Reid insisted that the general manager will be responsible for the final decision on building the roster.

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5 Concerns Fans Should Have About Andy Reid

Andy Reid’s tenure in Philadelphia is overall a fairly successful one with only a few blotches on his record. His biggest failure with the Eagles was his inability to get the team a Super Bowl win.  The fans in Philadelphia always had their concerns about Andy Reid and while the Kansas City Chiefs are lucky to receive such an accomplished coach, their fans should have a few concerns as well.

Blair Stover lists out the 5 biggest concerns about Andy Reid.

  1.  Running Game- Reid has been known to shy away from the running game. He prefers to look for RB’s that have pass-catching abilities to match his West Coast style offense. He has only had six 1,000-yard rushing RB’s in 14 seasons. Chiefs RB, Jamaal Charles has had two seasons of 1,400 rushing yards so taking the ball out of his hands could essentially hurt the Chiefs offense.
  2. Draft Picks & Scouting- Reid hasn’t always made the best personnel decisions. His first draft selection as coach is a QB who is now a possible Hall of Famer. Many teams passed on Brian Westbrook due to his size but Reid saw his potential. While Westbrook was a great decision, Reid has also made some bad judgments; Hank Baskett, Jerome McDougle, Kevin Kolb, Freddie Mitchell, Victor Abiamiri and Ryan Moats.  With the firing of Pioli, Reid may have more control over the roster selections in Kansas City.
  3. Defense- Over his time in Philadelphia, Reid has struggled with his staff on the defensive side of the ball. He had one successful defensive coordinator in Jim Johnson and ever since has made questionable calls on who he has placed in that position. Reid has always had a hands-off policy with defense but if he wants to be successful in Kansas City, he must become more involved defensively.
  4.  Adjustments In-Game- Andy Reid has taken much criticism with the lack of changes he makes with his team at halftime. When losing at half, Reid has a record of 15-49 since 2003. Making changes to your game plan is very important to a teams’ success. Reid must learn to make adjustments at halftime if he wants to help improve the Chiefs record in the 2013 season.
  5.  Dealing with Stubbornness- Being stubborn is one of Reid’s biggest downfalls and has added to his struggles with the running game, draft picks, and game adjustments. Reid makes his game plan and he sticks with it whether it is working or not. He likes to win “his way”. To have success in Kansas City, Reid has to be more flexible with his game strategy.
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Andy Reid Hired in Kansas City, Pioli Out

The Kansas City Chiefs have hired Andy Reid as their new head coach, giving him a 5 year contract that will pay him top dollar according to Clark Judge of CBS Sports.

Judge stated, “Reid gains complete authority over the football operations of a team desperate to win, only he gains it with an owner who will stay out of the way and give him what he wants. Clark Hunt got a head start by awarding Reid a five-year contract that, one source indicated, will pay Reid top dollar, with the Chiefs’ new coach at or near the top of the NFL salary scale.”

It’s believed that the Chiefs were towards the top of Reid’s list and Kansas City was the only place he wanted to visit. KC is a very attractive place for a head coach with the talent they have on their roster. Some believe that the Chiefs are a head coach and a QB away from being a playoff team.

Reid has become the 13th head coach in Chiefs franchise history.  Many are interested to see which route he will take the team with their first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Blair Stover is also reporting that Scott Pioli is out as Kansas City GM. The Chiefs are still interviewing and searching for the next GM.

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Kansas City Chiefs Fire Romeo Crennel

The Kansas City Chiefs announced that they have decided to fire head coach Romeo Crennel.

Crennel produced an NFL-worst 2-14 record in 2012. Over two seasons with the Chiefs, Crennel was 4-15 as interim and full-time coach. During his time as coach of both the Chiefs and Browns, he has a 28-55 career record with only one winning season.

In 2012, the Chiefs were ranked last in scoring and were only 1-7 against AFC West rivals during Crennel’s time as coach.

Crennel released a statement saying, “Obviously I’m very disappointed in the way our season went. At the end of the day, the NFL is a performance-based league, and we weren’t able to win. I want to thank the Hunt family for the opportunity as well as our players, coaches and fans for their support during my time in Kansas City. As for my future, I’m planning to take some time to reflect on the season, evaluate everything, and make a decision based on what’s right for myself and my family.”

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz and ex-Eagles coach Andy Reid are said to be in talks for the head coaching job in Kansas City. Blair Stover believes that these two coaches are attracted to the job in Kansas City due to the fact that they own the overall No. 1 draft pick in 2013.

The future of GM Scott Pioli is still uncertain.

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School Field Trips With the KC Chiefs

The Chiefs Sports Lab inside Arrowhead Stadium is becoming a hotspot for teachers to bring their students on a field trip to learn about health, fitness, and the human body. The Sports Lab provides fun and interactive activities including exercise, nutrition, injury prevention and memory games.

Mallory Lutz, Sports Lab Coordinator, stated about the program, “The time in the Sports Lab is an interactive health and fitness adventure for the kids. There are games having to do with every part of your body dealing with fitness, mental games and the nervous system, just to name a few.”

Typically, there are two schools that visit the lab each day of the week, with groups ranging from 40-150 students. There have been over 18,000 students who have gone through the lab in 2012. They learn about health, nutrition and fitness and how to incorporate this information into their own lives.

The Hunt family designed The Sports Lab in the hopes to educate the Kansas City youth. Chiefs Community Relations Manager, Chuck Castellano, commented, “When the Hunt family was going over renovations of Arrowhead, one of the things that was really important to them was to come up with a place that would give back to the Kansas City community and that’s what the Chiefs Sports Lab powered by Blue KC is.”

In total, students spend an hour at The Sports Lab before touring the stadium, visiting the Chiefs Hall of Honor, the locker room, and walk through the tunnel out onto the field.

Blair Stover KC Chiefs blog supports The Chiefs Sports Lab and their mission to educate students on their health and fitness.

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Chiefs Offense Continues to Struggle

On Sunday, the Chiefs failed to score an offensive touchdown for the fifth time in 14 games in their shut out loss to the Oakland Raiders. Blair Stover has the grueling details below.

Coach Romeo Crennel was not pleased by their offensive performance, “We continue to struggle to develop any consistency. We’re not very good on offense. This past game we couldn’t run, we couldn’t throw it, and it’s hard to be in a game when that happens.”

In the first half, the Chiefs offense struggled for 17 yards on 18 plays and finished the game with 119 yards of total offense. Over the past either games, Kansas City has only scored 106 points; Seattle Seahawks have scored 108 in their past two games.

“You try to look for answers, but I’ve said this before, unless you’re looking in the mirror, you’re looking at the wrong place,” stated right tackle Eric Winston. “It’s kind of easy right now to point fingers, say that guy’s the problem. But until you look at yourself, you’re not going to find any answers.”

Punter Dustin Colquitt was dubbed the most valuable player on Sunday, giving the Chiefs offense great field position many times but they were unable to do anything with it.

QB Quinn says, “There’s just not enough consistency. There’s not anyone making any plays or making anything happen.”

One positive thing coming out of this horrendous season is that the Chiefs could be looking at the number one overall pick.

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Preview of Chiefs vs. Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are traveling to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs Sunday in an old AFC West rivalry.

Both teams will be looking for a win to have any chance of getting back in the race for the AFC title.

Even though the Chiefs have a poor record, Raiders QB Carson Palmer isn’t looking past them. “It’s going to be an extremely physical game, we’ve got our mindset for that,’ Palmer said. “We’re ready for that, but it’s going to be a four-quarter battle.”

Raiders coach Dennis Allen is getting his team ready for a tough battle as well, “This is a team that when you watch the tape and look at the way that they’ve played, they’ve got the potential to be a lot better than what their record might state.”

The Chiefs head coach also commented on the importance of this rivalry, “Some of these young kids they don’t understand it, they don’t know it. You talk to them about how close the games have been. I know since I’ve been here, two of them have been overtime games. It’s going to be a battle.”

Blair Stover is looking forward to this competitive, emotional rivalry. Kickoff is set for 4:05 PM Eastern.

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