About Blair Stover

I’m a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and love to talk about anything and everything related.  Join in or get in touch with me if you want to talk Chiefs!

A bit about me (as I don’t write about football for a living, sadly), I’m a tax attorney with 14 years of experience in corporate acquisitions, mergers and reorganizations. I help companies analyze their current tax situations, and provide advice on ways to decrease their tax liabilities. As you can guess, I’m very knowledgeable of all aspects of tax concerns, from the local, state and federal levels, working with pension and profit sharing plans as well as preparing and reviewing tax returns.

My background: a Doctorate from Kansas City Law School at the University of Missouri, a Masters Degree in Finance from Northwest Missouri State University, and a Bachelor of Science and Arts in Marketing and Management from Missouri Western State College.

And if you care to know, I’m affiliated with the American Bar Association, Missouri Bar Association, St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce, and received recognition by Kansas City for Junior Achievement.

Oh yeah, I like to write, and do so on a number of topics, so check out some of my other stuff below and leave a comment if you find the time.

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