Bill Muir is the New KC Offensive Coordinator

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Bill Muir

The Kansas City Chiefs have a bright new mind that is holding the reigns to their offense this year: Bill Muir has been named as the new KC Offensive Coordinator.

Muir used to be an offensive lines coach/assistant, and will be replacing the legendary Charlie Weis. Muir comes with a strong resume of NFL experience that adds up to more than three decades of being involved in this sport and has experience calling plays as both an offensive and as a defensive coordinator.

Muir was considered for the promotion to his new position after helping the Chiefs become a feared rushing offense last year, where they were the league leaders in rushing totals overall. The departure of Weis and the promotion of Muir in his place might seem surprising. This is because during Weis’ tenure the team rebounded from a horrendous 4-12 showing in 2009 to a fortuitous 10-6 – in just a single season, ending with the team making the playoffs.

For quarterback Matt Cassel, Weis will mark the fifth new offensive coordinator that he has been working with in just four years. That’s more than one per year.

And in case you are wondering why Weis left in a hurry, the answer is simple: He got a job as the offensive coordinator at Florida.

For now, the key focus will be upon developing Matt Cassel.

“The development of Matt Cassel is a key ingredient in us continuing to make progress,” explained head coach, Todd Haley, in an early February ESPN News interview.

This forthcoming season – provided that the players don’t lock out early – will certainly show what Muir can do for the Chiefs. With all of that experience and a winning season already under his belt, one has a good mind to think it will be another solid year for KC.

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