Pre-Chiefs vs. 49ers

Alex Smith is going to get his first crack at the team that let him go during the post-season and the new Kansas City Chiefs QB isn’t pretending that the move hasn’t unsettled him. Blair Stover has more on the preseason matchup between the Chiefs and the Niners below.

Alex Smith running onto the field before a 200...

Alex Smith running onto the field before a 2009 game against the Chicago Bears (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even though it’s a preseason game, the all-important third game means that starting quarterbacks will get significant playing time. In most cases, starters play the entire first half and, for Smith, this game means a little more than just another preseason bout.

Reunions between a player and their former team happen a lot in the NFL. Brett Favre and the Vikings and the Chiefs even went through it with Joe Montana and the 49ers. Even head coach Andy Reid will be in the same boat when he visits the Philadelphia Eagles next month.

Smith’s 49ers history makes this story much more compelling than previous player’s stories. He was the 2005 No. 1 overall pick and he was supposed to revive the 49er franchise. Instead, he was a virtual bust for the first few years. It was when Jim Harbaugh arrived in 2011 that Smith’s career changed for the better.

As for this week’s preparation concerning Smith, the Chiefs didn’t look too worried. OC Doug Pederson didn’t consider it an option to even talk about. “The game plan is straightforward and that is where everyone needs to be,” said Pederson.

Smith’s career with KC got off to a blistering start in the preseason opener against the Saints. Even though Smith and the starters only played one possession, they drove 80 yards and scored a TD.

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